Red Knights Motorcycle Club

Daniel Dixon - 8/6/2020

The Red Knights are a group of active and retired firefighters who share a common interest in motorcycling, motorcycle safety and the brotherhood of firefighters.  Later this August they are hosting a benefit ride to raise money to fight cancer, especially the cancers that affect firefighters.  For  more information on the local chapter here in this area, click on this link.  Red Knights MN Chapter 4.


Charlie Ts Smokehouse is OPEN!  He will be open on Fridays and Saturdays (but not every Friday or Saturday).  Check our calendar for the dates he is open.
Senior Prom dance is Saturday, May 21st!  If you would like to live out your Senior years from high school (or not) then join us for lots of dancing to great LIVE music!  Maybe there will be a Grand March!

Check out our Calendar page and our Facebook page for more information on future events.   
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